About us
JPR Welding was established on the 19th of August 1992 by John & Karen Robertson. The first 10 years of JPR Welding's life were spent in a small shed at the Reef Complex in Prospect street, South Mackay. Here the business expanded its customer and product base quickly by delivering high quality products and a professional cost-efficient service.
The rapid growth of the business required more workshop and yard space to operate, so the move was made to build a new workshop in a location that suited the different working sections of JPR Welding. The business is now situated at 17 Transport avenue, Paget, Mackay. This position allows for the employment of 11 qualified staff who cover the three arms of JPR Welding:

Aluminium Fabrication & Repairs

Steel Fabrication & Repairs

To give a better insight into what JPR Welding can offer in the Engineering field, we have developed an easy to use website. The different sections of the site show the capabilities of JPR Welding and the machinery it uses to cover the different levels of Engineering.